Collaboration. Simple.

The Apractis Clinic was founded by practicing clinicians to help busy healthcare professionals overcome the barriers that constrain their ability to work together easily and efficiently. The Apractis Clinic is a professional organization, based on membership and sponsorship, that supports the processes that enable collaboration across all boundaries of care. Healthcare professionals, patients and family caregivers can now work together in a simple, secure, private platform that is universally accessible.


We are committed to changing the way people collaborate in order to be more satisfied professionals. I have always wanted to eliminate all the traditional boundaries and barriers to people collaborating with other people, regardless of where and for whom they work. The Apractis Clinic has made it efficient and highly satisfying again to be a healthcare professional. –Andrew Barbash, MD | Neurologist and Co-Founder of The Apractis Clinic

The changing face of the healthcare industry, particularly in the realm of declining reimbursement rates, has necessitated the move toward a more efficient model of care. The Apractis Clinic recognizes this need and makes use of everyday technology to enhance healthcare, streamlining the process of primary care providers and specialists working together to provide optimal care while remaining economically viable. –Brian Larsen, RN, BSN | Nurse and Co-Founder of The Apractis Clinic

The Virtual Care Collaboration methods of The Apractis Clinic have transformed the way I communicate with specialists. It takes one collaboration event for the impact on quality of patient care to be evident. The dramatic improvement in time and financial efficiency and is what makes this transformative for healthcare. –Elizabeth See, MD | Primary Care Physician and Co-Founder of The Apractis Clinic

The Apractis Clinic is a key reason my family medicine practice achieved our certification as a Level 3 NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home. We use the principles and features of the clinic in our daily patient care as well as with running the business side of a busy private practice. I do not think I could continue to thrive as an independent family physician without the help of The Apractis Clinic. –Robert Smith, MD | Primary Care Physician and Co-Founder of The Apractis Clinic