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Welcome From Dr. Barbash

I am a physician who believes that we need a new model of care that focuses on how people need to get their work done. While my specialty (Neurology) has some unique aspects making this particularly important, the reality is that this model is needed for all specialties and environments, for all people, across the entire continuum of care.

The work can be that of doctors sharing selectively with others for second opinions. It can be the work of patients and their families, getting together with different healthcare providers to all “get on the same page” about a condition, or to set expectations. The founders of The Apractis Clinic have focused on making it simple to break down all the traditional boundaries that impede effective and efficient collaboration, regardless of who is involved. We believe that research into how people work will continue to generate new understanding about the nature of care and how it can be improved.

We want to help bring the best care and collaboration to any situation, whether the person has insurance or not, whether they are at a hospital, at home or at work and regardless of their issue, it’s all about making it simple to work together to overcome the traditional silos of care. We collaborate with selected partners to make sure the right technologies and services can be leveraged by whomever, whenever and wherever in order to make communication simple. We work with clinical colleagues to find the best ways to share experiences, stories, and best practices in this “virtual care model,” and we work with sponsors to help bring about new models of support that can help make this new care process the way we do things every day, not just a nice addition to an otherwise cumbersome industry.

The Apractis Clinic is the “roof” over the virtual collaboration workflow process that provides governance, support, and integrity to how we bring technology, people, and methods together. Come join us!

Andrew Barbash, MD
Executive Director, The Apractis Clinic
Practicing Neurologist
Virtual Office: http://andrew-barbash.apractisclinic.com